img 5850Planning group outings for your organization can be a daunting task. Coming up with fresh new ideas can be challenging enough, and then you’ve got a budget to consider.

The Wauwatosa Curling Club can help. Yes, curling: the Olympics sport where everyone is yelling, people are vigorously sweeping ice, and you have no idea what’s happening? That’s us! And we’re a terrific venue for your next outing. In fact, we deliver a unique and enjoyable team experience for companies all over the Milwaukee area. Serving Corporate Team-Building & Corporate Outings in the Milwaukee and Waukesha area.

If you have a group looking to have a curling event at the Wauwatosa Curling Club, please work through the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


What happens during a rental event?

Our normal rink rental will include a quick instructional segment where we’ll teach you the curling basics (rock delivery, sweep, strategy), how to stay safe on the ice (ice is slippery, duh!), and general ice etiquette (pace of play, where to stand, etc). One you have your feet wet, we’ll divide your group into some teams and you’ll play a few games to bring it all together.

What should I wear?

Wear warm, loose fitting clothing. The air temperature in the ice house is around 40 degrees, so, athletic pants (yoga pants, jogging pants, etc), a sweatshirt or light coat, along with CLEAN, rubber soled tennis shoes will be perfect attire. Although curling may look easy on TV (and the internet), you will work up a sweat sweeping and trying to keep up with the stones in motion during your event!

What is the event duration?

Typical events last between 2 and 2.5 hours between introduction, instruction, on ice time, and event wrap up.

What is the cost?

The rental cost for a 2 hour event is variable, based on factors such as time of day, number of people in your group, and so on. A typical, 20-person morning or early afternoon event costs $1,000, but exact pricing will be worked as you plan the event with the Corporate Events Committee.

Can we get free ice time?

Please understand that the Wauwatosa Curling Club is a volunteer organization – there are no paid positions or permanent staff on hand at our ice facility. That means, when our club conducts rink rentals or sponsored events, our members have to leave their regularly scheduled jobs, families, life activities, etc. to manage the event. On average, WCC event hosts will spend 5 hours volunteering for each event: 2 hours to prepare the ice and clubroom, 2 hours teaching/hosting the event, then 1 hour post-event wrap-up and clean up. Hopefully, you can understand the commitment, and, as such, offering ‘free’ ice time is not something we can do.

What if I'm a WCC Member?

If you are a Wauwatosa Curling Club member, please click here and log in to your WCC account for details on Member Sponsored events.


  • We are at 7300 Chestnut St., Wauwatosa 53213
  • Inside the Muellner Building at Hart Park

For further details or to book an event, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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