Results: 2017 Leaster Spiel

Twenty-five people were brave enough to curl in this year’s Leaster Spiel that was held on February 4th, 2017. Last minute withdrawals due to funerals and illness forced a format change with the first two draws being games to establish positioning for the event finals.

Now to the dirty details:

As you may know, the goal to force your opponent to score more than you because "Less is More" if you want to win.

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Results: 10th Annual Chili Spiel

The 10th annual Chili Spiel is history! Special thanks to 64 curlers, 12 cooks and 3 volunteers who helped to make for a successful event. Good curling, good food and drink, and good camaraderie.

The spiel winner was Chris Schicantek--nice going, sir! It was a close race right to the end, with the top four scores being within a point of each other.

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Results: 2017 Men's Intraclub

The 2017 Men’s Intraclub was held January 20-21. It started off on Friday night with all four games ending with the possibility of winning or losing on the final stone. That led into a delicious sous vide steak dinner seared by 2 foot flames on the grill followed by an unusual absinthe dessert shot which was also on fire.

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