Twenty-five people were brave enough to curl in this year’s Leaster Spiel that was held on February 4th, 2017. Last minute withdrawals due to funerals and illness forced a format change with the first two draws being games to establish positioning for the event finals.

Now to the dirty details:

As you may know, the goal to force your opponent to score more than you because "Less is More" if you want to win.

The Amy Arzbaecher and Jerry Bongard rinks quickly learned their lesson giving up (or is it scoring?) 7 and 6 points respectively in their first game. Those two rinks eventually met in the 3rd event final with Bongard starting with a substantial 5-point lead for the “Biggest Loser” but Arzbaecher eventually lost by 6 points allowing them to wrest away the trophy.

Special thanks to Melissa Hying and Al Miller for subbing at the event.

Thank you all again for participating in the 2017 Leaster Spiel. We hope you had a wonderful time and hope to see you next year.

Winners of the three events:

3rd event: Jerry Bongard, Pete Guennette, Mike Biddick and Kevin Miller
2nd event: Chris Schicantek, Deb Holger, Matt Hying, Melissa Hying and Al Miller
1st event: Peter Gentles, Trent Jay, Rachel Koebel and Oscar Koebel

Of note: This is the 3rd year in a row the Gentles rink has been in the 1st event finals…congratulations to that team!

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