The 2017 Men’s Intraclub was held January 20-21. It started off on Friday night with all four games ending with the possibility of winning or losing on the final stone. That led into a delicious sous vide steak dinner seared by 2 foot flames on the grill followed by an unusual absinthe dessert shot which was also on fire.

After a lot of dollar bills being passed around, drinks being consumed and eventually closing Leff's, the morning seemed to come way too quick. But nonetheless we started again at 8:30am with an egg bake and brandy flips to prime the body for two more grueling games before lunch.

Meatball dujour was served up quickly as the afternoon wrapped itself up. And the best of the best this weekend escaping defeat were; Jim Matthews John Fleischman, Jody Friese and two subs Luke Porath and Brett Roeder.

We would like to thank those members who helped out to make this another successful event. A special thanks to Bill Christensen, for his now famous Friday night steak dinner, Steve Schnoll ran the bar, and Rebecca Nguyen for her kitchen help during dinner. And finally, Joe Matel and Peter Gentles for ice prep. Give these people recognition when you see them around the club.

Neil Freund and Paul Fischer

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