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Results: 2019 Breakfast Club
Wauwatosa Curling Club
Ladies Intraclub Bonspiel

Held November 23, 2019

by Dawn Majewski, Breakfast Club Bonspiel Chair

This weekend we held the first Breakfast Club Women’s Intraclub event. 24 lovely ladies sacrificed a whole Saturday in the ice house, playing both a games event and a team skills shot challenge. This format allowed for 2 winning teams and a ton a fun. On top of that, a delightful brunch spread greeted the ladies in between.


Stacey Bast, Ashley Davis & Erin Steinman


Rebecca Nguyen, Holly Elwing & Melissa Hying

Each team won Breakfast Themed Socks, Bacon and the Event winners earned a coveted BACON & EGGS pin. Congratulations!

Our events are built on the kindness of our members volunteering, and this was no exception. I would like to acknowledge the following folks:

Tiff Reilly, Bill Christensen, Fran Cook, and Melissa Hying for their unbelievable food & kitchen contributions. (A special shout to Tiff for her ability to talk me down off the ledge when I was losing my marbles early in the day. She’s truly a lifesaver and I can’t thank her enough.)

Steve Reilly for being a Dishwashing MACHINE. He came in and gamely washed and rewashed dishes over and over. I cannot thank him enough.

Joe Matel, Chris Neseman, Matt Majewski, Robert Radomski, Dan Mitchell, Allen Miller, Julie Solger, Kent Baumgardt: Thank you for prepping the ice, keeping it and the clubroom clean, taking some amazing photos on the ice and helping with the skills challenge.

And though I thanked him above, shout out to Juice for being you. You deal with my level of crazy on a daily basis. Not sure how I got so lucky.

I apologize if I missed anyone in my thank you. It wasn’t intentional - I blame the cold that greeted me 4 hours after the event ended.

I’m already looking forward to next year’s event!

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2019 breakfast club event winners
The Breakfast Club Bonspiel 2019 Event Winners (L-R): Erin Steinman, Ashley Davis, and Stacey Bast

2019 breakfast club skills winners
The Breakfast Club Bonspiel 2019 Skills Challenge Winners (L-R): Rebecca Nguyen, Holly Elwing, Melissa Hying

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